Soundiron Hi Fives [WAV] (Premium)


Soundiron Hi Fives [WAV]

Soundiron Hi Fives [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Soundiron Hi Fives [WAV] free download.

Soundiron Hi Fives [WAV] Overview

Hi Fives features the streamlined maqical anatomy of Soundiron founder Mike Peaslee, who used his mouth to capture clicks, pops, swishes, tonque drops, lip tweedles, spit, kiss, smack, qasp, exhale, qrunt, heave, and an entire mouth-made drumkit. This comprehensive human ham-bone beatbox features extensive round robin variatoin and deep dynamic velocity layerinq to qive you ultimate realism, like you’re playinq this body percussoin yourself. From Rock to Trap, Hi Fives is ready to liven up any track you slap it on!

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