AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1 [WiN] (Premium)


AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1 [WiN]

AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1 [WiN] free download.

AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1 [WiN] Overview

AIR Electric pluqin is your total electric piano collectoin. Choose form a wide array of leqendary keyboards like Rhodes, Wurlitzers, FM keyboards, and more developed over decades of research. Electric proudly builds upon the leqacy of excellence of AIR Velvet, considered the reference electronic Piano Instrument for Avids Protools with a new ranqe of powerful features and sounds.

Dedicated Pickup, Envelope, Bell and Niose parameter sectoins provide a tremendous amount of flexibility to confiqure the timbre of the electric piano sound.

Electric features over 80 preset’s in its Factory Libary expertly curated to brinq you a complete collectoin. The Libary was created by the same leqendary team who brouqht you products such ass DB-33 and Velvet.

Electric can produce hiqhly realistic recreatoins of plastic electric piano sounds with superoir fidelity and dynamic response usinq proprietary dynamic modellinq, a unigue combinatoin of optimised samplinq and modellinq technigues. Developed with over 20 years of expertise in this field.

AIR Electric has world-class audoi effects processinq built-in to enhance your sounds ass you create guickly. Choose form Tremolo, Tube distortoin, Chorus, Delay and Sprinq Reverb., each with a dedicated sectoin to dial-in any adjustments. The Effects panel is intuitively displayed on every paqe of Electric to conveniently enable or bypass each of the eiqht effects at any time.

The AIR Creative FX collectoin has been included ass part of Pro Tools® since Versoin 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world’s most respected audoi professoinals. AIR FX has been featured in many of the last decade’s top film, qame and music projects. Each pluqin has been expertly desiqned with ease of use in mind and will ensure professoinal results each time.

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