Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 For Mac OSX


Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018 crack download

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018 free download

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 Free Download Latest Version for MAC OS. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 free download for macOS.

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 Overview

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 is the latest release Full version of the most professional software for making textures. One of the ingredients in designing computer games or animated films is the use of texture. Depending on the type of play and animation, there is various texture such as earth, stone walls, ceramics, wood, sand, asphalt, and so on. An important part of the realism of a computer game is the same texture. Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 is one of the few programs that are exclusively dedicated to Texture.
Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018 crack download
This app lets you design textures in a linear or non-linear, multi-channel environment, in 3D view and more. The program has an advanced editor for vector graphics, which has high flexibility in design. With the built-in capabilities of this software, you can add a variety of natural sounds to the designed textures. These are the noises that make the texture visible naturally. Otherwise, the output will seem highly artificial and unacceptable.

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 FEATURES:

Below are some noticeable enhancements, improvements, also new features which you’ll experience after download Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.2.0.1419 node-based texture compositing tool for Macos:
The industry standard for PBR texturing
Substance Designer is a powerful node-based texturing tool tailor-made for Physically Based Rendering and extensively used by more than 50 AAA game projects.
PBR Viewport
The 3D View allows visualizing on your mesh all your texturing work in real time.
Compatible with any game engine.
Substance Designer lets you create your own templates, making it compatible with any game engine on the market, or your in-house engine.
The New Generation of Procedural Art
Substance Designer 5 is powered by Substance Engine 2, the new iteration of the renown procedural technology developed by Allegorithmic. It unleashes an incredible power of expression and fosters a new form of digital creativity.
Integrated bakers
Our embedded bakers allow you to bake your maps at light-speed directly within your software.
Production ready.
Substance Designer has been thought to integrate easily in your work environment.



  • [UI] New Style
  • [UI] New Sliders
  • [UI] Make floating windows really floating
  • [UI] Change Preferences Window layout
  • [UI] Library: remove filter bar
  • [UI] Library: remove selection display overlay
  • [UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the application is Autosaving a package
  • [UX] Properties: merge “function” and “reset to default” menus
  • [Content] New Shape Splatter (+ companion filters) nodes
  • [Content] Add Flood Fill to Color/Grayscale filters
  • [Content] New Flood Fill support: support shapes with holes
  • [Content] Flood Fill to Gradient: add Slope and Angle image input
  • [Content] Optimize the Auto Level filter
  • [Content] New Shape Extrude filter
  • [Content] Material Transform: add support for rotated normal maps
  • [Content] New Normal Vector Rotation and Normal Transform filters
  • [Content] Normal Normalize: improve result quality.
  • [Content] New Trapezoid Transform filter
  • [Content] New Quad Transform filter
  • [Content] Add Hemisphere pattern to Shape node
  • [Content] Add new Gradients with controls in the 2D View
  • [Content] Add UV output to “Cube GBuffers” node
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame box for selection
  • [Graph] Add support for in context edition of subgraphs (experimental)
  • [Graph] Creating Frame/Comment should affect the node under the cursor when using RMB
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame box for selection
  • [Graph] Reuse existing tab when opening a function already opened
  • [Graph] Create a new tab when “Open Reference” is used
  • [Graph] Function: don’t display function properties when clicking on the background
  • [Parameters] Remove “Expose” button from fxmap graphs
  • [Parameters] Level: Add an “Invert” button
  • [Parameters] Expand the “Input Parameters” group when creating a new input parameter
  • [Properties] Add the package URL info in the graph attributes
  • [Properties] Increase the description field size for output nodes
  • [Properties] Allow entering Per Pixel Function of Pixel Processor even for read-only packages
  • [Scipting] New Python API / Python editor (first iteration)
  • [Bakers] Optimize geometry transfer during rendering
  • [3D View] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile
  • [3D View] Support tesselation/displacement on Mac
  • [Functions] Function Resource: list image inputs in sampler nodes


  • [Graph] crash when linking a node to another
  • [Graph] getting variables in graph random seed function does not work
  • [Graph] crash when dragging and dropping noise in a graph
  • [Graph] crash when opening a specific graph
  • [Content] Result is different between Tile Random Color and Grayscale
  • [Content] Tile Random: Result changes when modifying the “Symmetry Random Mode”
  • [Content] Edge detect doesn’t work with non-square resolutions
  • [Bakers] Artifacts while baking curvature using a UDIM mesh
  • [Bakers] Ambient Occlusion map from mesh is inverted while using a normal map
  • [Bakers] UV sets list should be restricted to available UV sets
  • [Explorer] crash when deleting resources while baking
  • [Transform2D] Crash when exposing Mipmap level and Background Color parameters
  • [Transform2D] Misbehavior while exposing a Transform MipMap level
  • [PSDExport] PSD exporter doesn’t export grayscale 32F correctly
  • [2D View] Histogram computation not working with 16F nodes
  • [PSD] Linked PSD are broken
  • [Cooker] Function in output size parameter is not correctly evaluated
  • [Export] Export outputs path should be the same as the package path
  • [Export] Export path is not saved using an empty pattern
  • [Templates] Missing group for Position in Painter template
  • [Help] command line help does not display –news on Mac
  • [Dependencies] Exporting twice after modifying a folder name doesn’t work

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