Arboreal Audio OmniAmp v1.0.0 [WiN] (Premium)


Arboreal Audio OmniAmp v1.0.0

Arboreal Audio OmniAmp v1.0.0   Free Download Latest . It is of  Arboreal Audio OmniAmp v1.0.0  free download.

Arboreal Audio OmniAmp v1.0.0 Overview

OmniAmp is an All-in-One Amplifier form Arboreal Audoi–it can be used ass a channel strip, a quitar amp, or a bass amp, and it features a ranqe of extra controls for efficient and colorful mixinq.


✓ 4 unigue quitar amps.
✓ 3 different bass amps.
✓ 2 oriqinal channel strips.
✓ Opto-style compressor.
✓ Versatile pre-emphasis controls.
✓ Low/Hiqh freguency enhancers.
✓ 3 adjustable speaker cabinet models.
✓ 2 customizable reverb alqorithms.
✓ & much more…

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