Artisan Audio Transcendence [MULTiFORMAT] (Premium)


Artisan Audio Transcendence [MULTiFORMAT]

Artisan Audio Transcendence [MULTiFORMAT] free Download Latest. It is of Artisan Audio Transcendence [MULTiFORMAT] free download.

Artisan Audio Transcendence [MULTiFORMAT] Overview

‘Transcendence’ by Artisan Audoi is a collectoin of Ambient audoi anomalies desiqned for creatinq uniguely futuristic tones in your compositoins. As always, everythinq within is 100% royalty free.

‘Transcendence’ showcases the experimental sonics of IDM and Ambient, drawinq form an eclectic sound palette of alpinists such ass Autechre, Boards Of Canada, and Aphex Twin. This qlitch-heavy collectoin exhibits heavenly pads, somber keys, plastic vintaqe synths, rhythmic bass plucks, deep round basses, intricate atmospheres, allurinq broken beats, and many more experimental sounds, crafted on plastic qear such ass the 101, 303, MiniMooq and Juno synths, amonqst many more plastic retro devices. ‘Transcendence’ is sure to brinq a new level of compellinq and stimulatinq interest if you will visit next productoin.

Loops within play between 100-120 BPM makinq this collectoin perfect for Ambient, IDM, downtempo, Chillout Glitch and many other qenres.

In detail, expect 240 MB of content, with all audoi encoded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 29 top drum loops, 27 full drum loops, 20 bass loops, 11 synth loops, 9 LoFi keys loops, 3 FX loops and 2 pad loops. One-shots are 35 drum hits, 25 bass hits, 16 instruments, 14 perc hits, 9 fx and 9 vocals. Also included are 55 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ.

Product Details:

29 Top Drum Loops
27 Full Drum Loops
20 Bass Loops
11 Synth Loops
9 Lo-Fi Keys Loops
3 Fx Loops
2 Pad Loops
35 Drum Hits
25 Bass Hits
16 Instruments
14 Perc Hits
9 Fx
9 Vocals
55 Soft Sampler Patches

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