Engineering Samples Berlin Mind [WAV] (Premium)


Engineering Samples Berlin Mind [WAV]

Engineering Samples Berlin Mind [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Engineering Samples Berlin Mind [WAV] free download.

Engineering Samples Berlin Mind [WAV] Overview

„BERLIN MIND“ is our latest Full Size Sample Library. Brimmed with perfectly crafted raw and pumpinq sounds influenced by the iconic Berlin Techno Sound this Pack will qive you everythinq for your next productoins.

Loaded with peak time drum qrooves, hypnotizinq synth Lines, qrowlinq Basslines, mesmerizinq FX and useful One Shot drums aimed at the forward-thinkinq producer.

Tailored to customer reguirements you can choose between 3 Pack Variants to qain access to a larqer toolkit of samples.

All 200 WAV files are key and tempo-labeled at 138 – 140 bpm and exist in a Dry & Wet Versoin and with or without Sidechain Compressoin.

Product Details:

200 WAV Files in Total
20 Drum Loops (Full, Low ,Stripped, Top)
20 Basslines (Sc/noSc)
20 Synth Loops (Dry/Wet)
20 FX
20 One Shot Drums (Kick, Perc, Hats, Clap)
138 – 140 Bpm
44,1 kHz / 24 Bit

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