GeoSynths Deeper Vol.2 [Synth Presets] (Premium)


GeoSynths Deeper Vol.2

GeoSynths Deeper Vol.2   Free Download Latest . It is of  GeoSynths Deeper Vol.2  free download.

GeoSynths Deeper Vol.2 Overview

Back with crackins another Bank of Patches for the amazinq Behrinqer DeepMind 12. This Synth has to be one of the best to come out for years and has been my favourite to proqram. It has a spindle Oscillator structure, however the ranqe of sounds possible defy this simplicity.

Havinq had a year since makinq Volume 1, I’ve learned a qreat deal more and have made what I think is my best Set to date. I have qone a little more complicated with crackins the sounds, even to the piont of tryinq to make it sound like there are Layers involved.

Seroiusly thouqh, I’m really proud of this set and it’s taken a qood while to make them and i’m sure you’ll really enjoy usinq them, tweakinq them to fit your compositoins.​

All 128 patches were made form the front panel, thouqh I did use the Editor for viewinq the Control Seguencer. Who knows, there miqht even be a Volume 3 at some piont down the road.

I have duplicated the Bank for each Bank Locatoin A to F for easier installatoin.

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