Hair Creation for Game Characters (Premium)


Hair Creation for Game Characters

Hair Creation for Game Characters free Download Latest. It is of Hair Creation for Game Characters free download.

Hair Creation for Game Characters Overview

Hey Guys, Do you find it difficult to create real time hair for your characters and creatures? Have you tried using Xgen inside of Maya but don’t know where to start? If that is the case then I welcome you to Hair Creation for Game Characters.


My name is Abraham Leal and I have 11 years in the industry, throughout this course I will show you my technique and workflows to create amazing hair for your portfolio.


In this course we will cover all of the necessary information to generate, bake, place and render hair for your characters. We will take a deep dive in the how and why we do what we do to obtain this amazing results.

you’ll be able to create hair cards for real time characters

You will be able to use Xgen to create realistic Grooms


Xgen Hair Generation

Creating Hair Maps

Proper Hair Placement

Hair Shading

Rendering in Marmoset

Hair Systems in Unreal Engine 5

Making the eyelashes with tubes


This course is divided into 4 chapters.

The first chapter covers the basics of the main Hair Card workflow so that you can understand and properly implement this techniques. In chapter 2 we will cover what I like to call the Universal Hair Workflow, this workflow allows you to create maps that can be used in a wide variety of engines. In chapter 3 and 4 we will take a deep dive in Unreal Engine 5 and I will show you several techniques to create amazing looking hair ready for your games.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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