Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching (Premium)


Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching

Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching   Free Download Latest . It is of  Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching   free download.

Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching  Overview

Kristina Sherk – Headshot Retouching
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Product Details Learn how to retouch headshots to achieve stunning, natural-looking results. As a headshot photographer, it’s your job to create the most accurate representation of your client in their headshot, while simultaneously putting them in the best light possible. In this class, I cover all the do’s and don’ts of headshot retouching and show you how to smooth skin realistically, remove stray hairs, add color grading to the shot and so much more.

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