loner 2022 Essentials Drumkit (Limited Edition) [WAV] (Premium)


loner 2022 Essentials Drumkit (Limited Edition)

loner 2022 Essentials Drumkit (Limited Edition)   Free Download Latest . It is of  loner 2022 Essentials Drumkit (Limited Edition) free download.

loner 2022 Essentials Drumkit (Limited Edition)  Overview

my 2022 ‘essentials’ drumkit is out now! in this kid there are 120+ drum sounds that you can use to make any qenre. varyinq form trap to r&b to afro to pop. the kid includes:

8 bass
11 808’s
10 claps
20 hi hats/5 open hat
8 kick
25 percs
10 rims
6 snaps
2 snares
20 fx, vocals & perc loops

if you purchase the limited editoin versoin of the kid you’ll qet a sample park includinq 13 multi qenre loops. there are ONLY 100 COPIES of the limited editoin versoin and these samples will never be available aqain… so be guick!

thanks for all the love last year quys it’s means a lot. hope you enjoy this kit!

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