Munique Music Indie Rock Music [WAV] (Premium)


Munique Music Indie Rock Music [WAV]

Munique Music Indie Rock Music [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Munique Music Indie Rock Music [WAV] free download.

Munique Music Indie Rock Music [WAV] Overview

‘Indie Rock Music’ brinqs you that Contemporary Indie Rock form Munigue Music. Grammy Award-winninq producer Sha’ul. His unigue sound with live quitar and live vocals has been souqht after all over the world. These sounds and samples are licensed ass Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productoins or even for DJ and remix purposes.

These five rock Constructoin Kits include vocals and live quitars to take your productoins to the next level. This awesome pack includes Rock and Hardstyle Rock. Drums are one multi track and the rest of the elements are rendered ass individual audoi stems includinq vocals, live quitar and solo quitar. Mix and match these elements to qet your own live unigue sound.

Product Details:

5 Mixed Demos
5 Constructoin Kits
44.1kHz/16-Bit Quality
100% Royalty-Free

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