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N8 University – Become a Full-Time YouTuber

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File Name N8 University – Become a Full-Time YouTuber
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update and Published 2023

You will learn how to:

Quickly start with Minimal Equipment
Create BANGER videos that people want to watch
Make big money from ads, sponsors, and your own products

Blow Up From the Beginning

  • Blow up with your first video by learning exactly what the algorithm is looking for
  • Start with viral ideas so you don’t sink months into a project, just for it to flop.
  • Come up with killer titles that will win the click and pull in more viewers.
  • Create stunning, clickable thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop, as taught by my personal thumbnail designer.

Create BANGER Videos

  • Learn to tell stories that keep people hooked so they keep coming back for more
  • Create high-quality voiceovers without breaking the bank with our streamlined recording process
  • Edit viral videos in any style of video with step-by-step editing tutorials, taught by my editor Mauricio!

Build a Brand

  • Get your videos in front of your future fans, by optimizing your post
  • Make every video better than the last by reading video analytics
  • Make the most money possible on your videos by mastering YT ads

Scale Your Business

Make big money on every video with high value brand deals
Start scaling your empire by learning how to hire and manage a team
Leverage your platform to collab with some of the biggest creators on the platform
Monetize your channel off-platform by generating leads for connected businesses

Learn EXACTLY What it Takes to Become Top in Your Niche
It doesn’t have take years to see crazy growth…

In this course, you’ll learn everything I’ve used to build a successful channel from the first video.

Posting with Confidence – I know that a video will succeed before I even post.
Making money from the first post – Landing me brand deals, sponsors, and collaboration in a new niche
Living my dream as a Full-Time Youtuber

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