Native Instruments Valves Pro KONTAKT (Premium)


Native Instruments Valves Pro KONTAKT

Native Instruments Valves Pro KONTAKT Free Download Latest . It is of Native Instruments Valves Pro KONTAKT  free download.

Native Instruments Valves Pro KONTAKT Overview

Soft, evolving trombone, flugelhorn, French Horn, tuba, and euphonium sounds, with an expanded library of articulations. Craft expressive performances with Solo, Ensemble, and Player instruments. Explore over 60 articulations and over 200 preset phrases or build your own.

The finest warm and mellow brass sounds

Valves Pro makes it simple to create evolving brass ensembles with sounds meticulously recorded with leading session players. Building on the features of Valves, this virtual brass plugin offers three different sampler instruments for both solo and ensemble performances, delivering lush and evolving tones and textures for cinematic scores and contemporary productions.

New ways of performing

Valves Pro introduces more ways to create with two new instrument additions, Solo and Ensemble, as well as the Player engine from Valves.


Craft intricate solo melodies with any of the five instruments and layer them to create your own detailed ensemble parts. Choose between 62 articulations for full flexibility, or activate Virtuoso mode and the engine will automatically select articulations depending on velocity and expression settings for fluid performance.


Effortlessly build authentic and expressive ensemble performances within a single engine, with the freedom to select your own articulations across all five instruments. Access a range of variations and customization options, as the smart Auto Divisi feature assigns the most accurate instrument to each note of a chord for true-to-life arranging.


Now with even more articulations and preset phrases for instant inspiration. Build your own looping phrases by placing articulations, including long, short, dynamic, motives, and noise, on a tempo-synced grid across all five instruments.

A range of articulations and phrases

Explore over 200 ready-to-use sequences or create your own from scratch for full flexibility. Customize phrases to your taste, whether that’s long and short notes, tempo synced crescendos, decrescendos, and swells, or staccatissimo, sustains, and vibrato expressions.

Inside the recording process

Valves Pro lets you choose between condenser and ribbon microphone sounds to add different characteristics to your productions. With the highest-quality converters, the condenser recordings result in a detailed, natural, and breathier sound, while the ribbon mic has a more warm and mellow tone with a little saturation from characterful mic preamps. All the instrumentalists performed simultaneously in isolation booths, led by one conductor via video feed and in-ear monitoring. The result is an authentic and playable ensemble with maximum flexibility.

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