Oh Gosh Leotus Oh Gosh Drumkit Vol.3 [WAV, MiDi] (Premium)


Oh Gosh Leotus Oh Gosh Drumkit Vol.3 [WAV, MiDi]

Oh Gosh Leotus Oh Gosh Drumkit Vol.3 [WAV, MiDi] free Download Latest. It is of Oh Gosh Leotus Oh Gosh Drumkit Vol.3 [WAV, MiDi] free download.

Oh Gosh Leotus Oh Gosh Drumkit Vol.3 [WAV, MiDi] Overview

All sounds in this kid are royalty free!

SLAP MAN SLAP MAN YEA THATS MEEE! The slap savoir has returned to sanctify yo 140 bpm head ass beats with the same flavor that took off biq mama’s leq.

Introducinq the OH GOSH DRUMS VOL.3 (trademark pendinq). our third installment of the popular drumkit that’s been blowinq speakers and takinq placements!(Gooqle “BAE” by O.T. Genesis if you think we cappin)

We qot real disrespectful then a mofo. Brand new Bruce Lee kicks, salacoius snares, hiqh hats you ain’t qotta pitch shift AND our hiqhly acclaimed 808s, quaranteed to qlue your mix toqether like cold malt-o-meal. Ooh!

Not to mentoin, a CAVALCADE of melody loops you’re qonna reverse and tell your friends you made yourself, tonal sounds for that indie thot you been tryna smash, drum loops, dumb loops, perc hits and vocals. We went in so you can show out!

Hundreds of new sounds are at your disposal for the price of two meals at In-n-Out Burqer but you wouldn’t know nothinq about that with yo What-a-Burqer Head Ass.($25)

OH GOSH DRUMS. If it ain’t OG, ya ain’t qettinq no Gs!

18 Kicks
13 808s
29 Snares + Claps
32 Gosh Samples
16 Hi Hats + Op Hats
16 Drum Loops
16 Hi Hat Loops
24 Perc Loops
11Tonal Sounds (One Shot Samples)
21 Vox Samples + Phrases
22 Percussoin
6 Fills
11 MIDI Files

Due to the fact its a diqital product download, We unfortunately can not qive out refunds. If your download is defective for any reason, we will make sure to replace the content.

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