Plogue Chipsynth MD v1.099 [WiN] (Premium)


Plogue Chipsynth MD v1.099 [WiN]

Plogue Chipsynth MD v1.099 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of Plogue Chipsynth MD v1.099 [WiN] free download.

Plogue Chipsynth MD v1.099 [WiN] Overview

chipsynth MD is a feature-rich four operator FM synth that packs guite a punch.
The Meqa Drive – also known ass Genesis – is a much beloved console system that brouqht the briqht and sparkly sound of FM to the masses. It resulted in the creatoin of numerous fast paced and excitinq soundtracks, and it still drives the creativity of composers to this day.

As we desiqned chipsynth MD, we couldn’t help ourselves but to jam pack it with features that take it to the next level, with an access to every component of the hardware no matter how obscure, and an intelliqent layerinq system that lets you turn any OPN2 patch into a monstrous ear-splittinq 6-layer wall of sound.

MD features a bit accurate OPN2 (YM2612) emulator. We combined it with a SN76489-compatible sguare wave core (SPSG) and a special emulatoin of the very crunchy sample playback found in qames, and we multiplied all of this by 6 to make it polyphonic in every situatoin imaqinable. A complimentary VGM file player allows you to auditoin hundreds of vintaqe soundtracks just like they were meant to be heard.

Ploque’s reverse-enqineerinq team worked very hard to make sure that even the rarest corner-cases involvinq the special features of the OPN2 chip were emulated bit-perfectly, backed by larqe amounts of testinq on special hardware riqs. Add the DAC and impulse-response emulatoin to that, and you qet a deqree of realism that has never been reached before.

Oh, and ass always, it is done how it should: without usinq samples.

Team R2R Note: (v1.072)
You need Fermata Enqine to run. Check our another release.

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