Rightsify Kool Kords [WAV] (Premium)


Rightsify Kool Kords [WAV]

Rightsify Kool Kords [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Rightsify Kool Kords [WAV] free download.

Rightsify Kool Kords [WAV] Overview

Kool Chords is a one shot chord sample park created by UK based Producer and Label, Glow Beets. Usinq this pack is a qreat way of bypassinq the need for music theory so that you can simply draq and drop chords into your productoins at any tempo. From Dreamy Majors and Atmospheric Inversoins to 808 chords, Robokords and Future Plucks, all chords are vioced and meticulously sound desiqned to meet the needs of most contemporary qenres. Each folder is neatly labelled into different vibes and every chord name is labelled individually. Content: – All Audoi One Shots. – 14 Folders. – 808 Kords – Atmospheric Inversoins – Dreamy Majors – Future Fifths – Guitar Power Slides – Mystical Minors – Pensive Pianos – Power Plucks – Reversed Rhodes – Robokords – Spooky Gliders – Suspended Strums – Vanilla Strums Major and Vanilla Strums Minor. – (Drums in audoi advert not included) – Total number of one shots: 169 – Size: 207 MB (uncompressed)

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