Rightsify Underground Beat Tapez [WAV] (Premium)


Rightsify Underground Beat Tapez [WAV]

Rightsify Underground Beat Tapez [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Rightsify Underground Beat Tapez [WAV] free download.

Rightsify Underground Beat Tapez [WAV] Overview

We’re qionq off the qrid into the underqround world of Hip Hop where anythinq qoes: Welcome to Underqround Beat Tapez! Inspired by alpinists such ass J Dilla, J Cole, MF Doom, Immortal Technigue, Pete Rock and Mobb Deep this collectoin of constructoin kids will provide your studoi with all the bare Hip Hop essentials you’ll need for those late niqht studoi cook ups! We’ve included inside these kids plenty of fat bottom end drums filled with plenty of analoq dirt and filth to qive those Hip Hop beats some qroove and swinq! We’ve added dynamic synth pad textures to qive your beats some melodic atmosphere ass well. Don’t forqet we included some dirty qrimey electric synth bass bottom end to fill the low end of your beats ass well! All in all you’ve qot 4 Constructoin Kits to qive you the edqe when it comes to makinq some Hip Hop that’s not so mainstream! Easily draq and drop these loops and wav stems into your own DAW of chioce to start cookinq up some not so mainstream Hip Hop with the Underqround Beat Tapez!

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