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Ryan Deiss - Funnel Blueprint 2.0

Ryan Deiss – Funnel Blueprint 2.0   Free Download Latest . It is of  Ryan Deiss – Funnel Blueprint 2.0   free download.

Ryan Deiss – Funnel Blueprint 2.0  Overview

Ryan Deiss – Funnel Blueprint 2.0
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Not many people respond well to a direct sales approach anymore. Thats why funnels are so important. They take the prospect and lead him or her through a series of non-pushy steps that ultimately result in the desire to buy from you. This is a marketing strategy that everyone should be using in their business to get leads and convert them.

Ryan Deiss knows funnels well. In fact, he has invested millions of dollars into perfecting his funnels. His Funnel Blueprint 2.0 is a chance for you to get his tested and proven funnels at an amazing price, and it should help you increase the success of your business quickly and efficiently. In fact, Ryan guarantees it!

What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get 13 copy and paste funnels that help you develop traffic, leads, and sales. Templates include the free book funnel, the splinter offer funnel, the flash sale funnel, the blog launch funnel, the simple survey funnel, and more.

These funnels have been tested, extensively, so you save massive amounts of time, money, and energy by taking advantage of Funnel Blueprint 2.0 and using the templates in your own business. You also get landing page templates and email templates to use after you make some small tweaks here and there.

But, Ryan didnt stop at the templates. He wants to make sure that you understand how the funnels work and how to create a successful business for yourself. So, you get a 6-module training course where, in part, Ryan shows you how to put your first conversion funnel into action. This helps you understand the finer details of how the funnel works and gives you the insight you need to move forward confidently with your marketing strategy.

But that is not all the training includes. Following is a little insight into what is included in the module training. It is not an extensive list of

what is included.

Module 1: The Lead Magnet Learn how to attract potential customers (leads). Inside this module you will discover how to make your landing page attractive and enticing to potential customers.
Module 2: The Tripwire Learn how to convert a lead into a buyer without making them jump over a bunch of hurdles. This concept has helped Ryan grow his business success exponentially.
Module 3: The Core Offer Make your sales page work for you with a 21-step sales letter formula from Ryan. Also, keep customers in your shopping cart by using the optimization techniques you learn in this module.
Module 4: Profit Maximizers Turn your current customers into repeat customers. You will learn how to create awesome upsells that dont annoy your customers and, instead, attract their interest.
Module 5: The Return Path Learn how to execute a return path easily with the right resources and tools. And, get 6 campaign swipe files that you can easily tweak to work for you.
Module 6: Putting It All Together Learn how to structure your funnels together and make them work for you. This module can help smooth out wrinkles in your marketing strategy and make everything work efficiently for your business.
This 6-module training is the training that Ryan uses with his internal consultants. Therefore, when you finish the same training that they take, you will get certified as a Funnel Optimization Expert. Simply take the free test (normally 500) and get certified.

Who Is It For?
Even though this is advanced material, anyone can learn it. Any business owner who wants to build their business quickly will benefit from Funnel Blueprint 2.0. Not only do you get copy and paste templates, but you get the training you need to understand how to get leads and convert them to customers. In short, the lifeblood of your business is what Funnel Blueprint 2.0 is all about and you have the ability to learn how to get everything working for you.


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