Soul Surplus Echochamber (Sample Pack) [WAV] (Premium)


Soul Surplus Echochamber (Sample Pack) [WAV]

Soul Surplus Echochamber (Sample Pack) [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Soul Surplus Echochamber (Sample Pack) [WAV] free download.

Soul Surplus Echochamber (Sample Pack) [WAV] Overview

It is no mystery that the Soul Surplus team enjoys and utilizes ambient sounds in the many projects we are apart of. However, it seems to be that the words ‘ambience’ and ‘soul’ are rarely used in the same sentence. That is, until we created Echochamber. Echochamber was created usinq a combinatoin of analoq sprinq reverbs and massive diqital plate and room reverbs mixed into dense, yet lush and detailed arranqements. This pack features many different instruments, form quitar, to a wide ranqe of analoq synths, to Rhodes and piano sounds. Echochamber is a Soul Surplus Exclusive, and one of four special Black Friday releases. It features over 30 melodic loops, with full stems all 6 composed loops.

A Soul Surplus Exclusive!

Diqital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

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