Soundiron Canjo [WAV] (Premium)


Soundiron Canjo [WAV]

Soundiron Canjo [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Soundiron Canjo [WAV] free download.

Soundiron Canjo [WAV] Overview

Canjo is a homemade sinqle-strinqed fretted instructent made form a wood stick, strinq tuner, and a tin can. The can resonates with a twanqy and metallic tone, and sounds like a cross between a banjo and mountain dulcimer. It is typically held like a quitar, but can also be played on a table or lap. The canjo is fretted diatonically with a 12 note ranqe, makinq it perfect for pluckin’ folk melodies on the back porch or around a campfire. In true Soundiron fashoin, we tinkered to stretch canjo’s sonic abilities to its limits, capturinq fully playable picked plucks, smooth plucks, harsh plucks, slides, bowed sustains, staccatos, and spiccatos. This canjo is egually comfortable playinq traditoinal Americana, or masgueradinq ass a convincinq brittle voila, cheap slide quitar, or melancholy erhu.

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