The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024 (Group Buy)


The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024

The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024    Free Download Latest . It is of  The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024  free download.

The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024  Overview

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What you will learn in this course.

The Art of Documentary – Complete Bundle 2024
Documentary Foundations
Our Documentary Foundations, or Module 1, is the recommended starting point for filmmakers looking to create or improve their documentaries. This course consists of nearly 70 videos that cover the entire process of creating compelling documentaries, branded content films, or corporate videos. From finding a story to post-production and releasing your film, this course encompasses all aspects of filmmaking. Module 1 Foundations is the result of over 40 years of collective experience in filmmaking, emphasizing that passion and creativity are the most important elements in creating impactful films.

Determining A Story
Funding Your Film
Gear For Production
Shooting & Production
Sound & Colour
Finishing Your Film
Bonus Videos
Advanced Documentary
Our advanced course helps you find your voice and mature as a filmmaker. From pre-production to distribution and everything in between, we explore the nuances of documentary filmmaking. In addition to 70 teaching videos, students receive bi-weekly Feedback hours, offering personalized advice from industry experts. This feature allows you to book 10-minute slots for guidance on challenges you may be facing, providing invaluable insight into your filmmaking process. Learn how to make timeless films in your voice with our Advanced Course.

Define Your Filmmaking
Pre Production
Navigating Challenges
Film Study & Breakdown
The Anatomy of Scenes
Music & Composition For Documentary
Post Production
Releasing Your Film
Making a Living: Working with Clients
Bonus Videos
Create & Earn
Create & Earn is a comprehensive guide to help filmmakers and video creators increase their revenue, get new clients, and build a vision for their career. The program includes a step-by-step guide for establishing a retainer business, starting a YouTube channel, and growing and monetizing it. The focus is on finding your business model, narrowing your niche, pitching to clients, brainstorming ideas, and delivering high-quality products. The course offers over 50 videos and guides for pursuing a successful video business.

Creative Business Foundations
Best Business Practices
Retainer Clients
YouTube & Content Creator
Branded Content & Weddings
The Complete Commercial Process (On Set)
Case Study – Building a Business From Ground Zero
Rapid Fire: Recap
The Perfect Cut
The Perfect Cut course offers a comprehensive approach to editing your films and commercial work focusing on story for crafting captivating projects. With experience in editing all types of content, instructor and award-winning editor, Lewis Gordon, will guide you through a consistent and assertive editing approach. Through over 50 videos, you will delve into essential editing techniques, including pacing, sound mixing, and storytelling strategies. The Perfect Cut aims to equip aspiring editors with fundamental skills to elevate, systemize and maximize all of your future projects.

Fundamentals of Editing
Organizational Basics
Building the Spine
Building Scenes
Building a Rough Cut
Advanced Editing
Professional Advice
DaVinci Resolve Tutorials
The Cinematic Eye
Every moment behind a camera is a chance to craft and capture a new story. “The Cinematic Eye” course aims to empower cinematographers to shoot with confidence in any scenario, providing comprehensive guidance from theory to practical application. Participants will learn from top cinematographers, gaining insights into lighting, gear selection, camera movement, storytelling techniques and more. With a focus on simplicity and systematic approaches, The Cinematic Eye course caters to both novice and experienced cinematographers, elevating their craft to new heights.

Theory & Overview
Career Advice
Shooting Foundations
Location Scouting & Pre-Pro
Scene Breakdowns
Advanced Cinematic Theory
Lighting Foundations
Lighting & Cinematography Advanced
Color Foundations

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