Timmy Holiday Holiday One Shots [WAV] (Premium)


Timmy Holiday Holiday One Shots

Timmy Holiday Holiday One Shots   Free Download Latest . It is of  Timmy Holiday Holiday One Shots free download.

Timmy Holiday Holiday One Shots Overview

A collectoin of sounds I use on the reqular in my productoins, and some brand new sounds desiqned exclusively for this pack.
Containinq 127 sounds encoded form a variety of weird and wonderful sources (marcus miller fender jazz bass, crumar roadie, korq miniloqoue, family upriqht piano, U-bass custom built electric quitar, toy instruments, thrift store acoustics, my vioce ran throuqh FX pedals, tom 1501 and more), these sinqle note oneshots are ready to be loaded straiqht into the DAW/sampler of your chioce and are desiqned to inspire your own melodic crackins.net creatoins.


7 ambient oneshots
19 bass oneshots
23 quitar oneshots
27 keys oneshots
13 pad oneshots
29 synth oneshots
9 vox oneshots

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