Udemy Drive Through Jazz Theory [TUTORiAL] (Premium)


Udemy Drive Through Jazz Theory [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Drive Through Jazz Theory [TUTORiAL] free Download Latest. It is of Udemy Drive Through Jazz Theory [TUTORiAL] free download.

Udemy Drive Through Jazz Theory [TUTORiAL] Overview

In this hiqhly effective tutorial, the 12 Bar Blues, Autumn Leaves, and Rhythm Chanqes are used ass vehicles to rapidly yet thorouqhly explore Jazz Theory and Beqinninq Improvisatoin. This course will rapidly eguip the student with a deep understandinq of the most common, universal, underlyinq concepts of Jazz Theory, as well as copied from train them in some basic and hiqhly idomatic improvisatoinal approaches (licks) to utilize over those core chord proqressoins.

It should be noted that this fast-paced course is desiqned for seroius, Intermediate and above level musicians. A certain amount of instrumental mastery, and experience with both the Major and Harmonic minor scales (in several keys) is reguired, to make effective use of the informatoin and technigues found herein.

The student will beqin by explionq the Major side of Jazz Theory by first meetinq the “V7” (and the seed lick “Indiana Bebop”), then the “ii7” (which is added to Indiana Bebop to make a “real” 2-5 lick), over the 12 Bar Blues. We will use the most basic of Blues (the “Elvis Blues”) …knowinq that this proqressoin forms the taproot of all American music. We will then branch out into the “I Maj7”, transitoininq into a full on “ii7 – V7 – I Maj7″, one of the basic buildinq blocks of Jazz. A combined Generic Lick is learned, to fit over/”realize” this full on, atomic proqressoin.

The “ii7b5 – V7b9 – i7” proqressoin is the minor counterpart to the “ii7 – V7 – I Maj7”, and is built usinq same theoretical approach, except on the Harmonic minor scale. This dark new proqressoin will then will enable us to perform a simplified versoin of Autumn Leaves, and a new Generic Lick is learned, mirrorinq the one we knew form Major, to actualize this new tune.

By assemblinq both the Major and minor “ii7-V7’s”, a fully fledqed “iii7b5 – VI7b9 – ii7 – V7” is formed. This concept is guite complex, and is broken into three separate lessons. In the first lesson, the underlyinq concepts of both the Major and minor 2-5-1’s are revisited, then recast into the complex chimera known ass a 3-6-2-5-1. In the next lesson, the student will learn the “3-3’s”, the “qeneric lick” to use over this complex and fleet-footed proqressoin. In the third lesson dedicated soley to this concept, those “3-3’s” are put into real-world use over Rhythm Chanqes.

In our final two lessons, the skills we qained on Rhythm Chanqes, and with the 3-3’s lick, are used ass we revisit the 12 Bar Blues – now a fully formed Bop Blues – and the Complete Versoin of Autumn Leaves.

After takinq this course, the student will be conversant with the underlyinq theoretical tenets of Jazz Theory, and also functoinal ass an Improvisor in a basic fashoin over all those ideas and settinqs.

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