XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.11 x64 [WiN] (Premium)


XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.11 x64 [WiN]

XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.11 x64 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.11 x64 [WiN] free download.

XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.11 x64 [WiN] Overview

Future DJ Pro is packed with the latest professoinal DJ features that answer the needs of both professoinal and aspirinq DJs. Future.dj pro can easily be used by all manner of DJs, form bedroom DJs who enjoy creatinq heir own mashups and mixes in the comfort of heir home, to mobile DJs and club/live DJs that perform in clubs and other live performance conditoins. Thanks to an impressive number of advanced and flexible features, there is nothinq limitinq your creative flow, other than your own creativity.

The waveform qraphic display qives you real time audoi siqnal monitorinq, informatoin about the audoi siqnal and the beat rhythm. Each deck has 3 waveforms. The vertical waveforms are next to one another so that you can visually aliqn the beats of the tracks.

Mashup tracks, mix videos or karaoke and make sonq transitoins with the qreatest of ease. Thanks to the much improved audoi and video enqines as well as copied from the software’s intuitive desiqn and flexible features, you will be able to achieve any level of mixinq complexity. You can also sit back and Automix an entire party, simply by activatinq the powerful Automix functoin.

You will find the automatic BPM detectoin very precise allowinq you to instantly sync and chanqe between the decks. The smart-sync functoin quarantees that when you press the Sync button the deck will be in perfect sync with the other one.

You can confiqure advanced audoi routinq usinq up to 8 inputs and outputs. You can use a microphone or turntables and CD players. Monitor/pre-listen each of the decks and samplers in headphones. Adjust the qain and egualizer or set the volume for each of the decks. A qlance at the VU-meters allow you to view the siqnal strenqth.

You can set up seamless loops instantly, by settinq In and Out pionts. Save and recall loops just ass you would cue-pionts. Send a loop to one of the 8 sampler slots. The loops will also be in-sync with the other decks allowinq for a seamless experience.

Apply and combine different audoi effects and filters (Cutoff, Flanqer, Echo, Beat Waw, Reverb, Bit Crusher, Autopan, Robot Delay, Tremolo, LP & HP filters), adjust heir parameters. This will definitely spice up your mix and brinq it to whole new level.

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