Liveclasses – How to find your way in photography? (Premium)


Liveclasses – How to find your way in photography

Liveclasses – How to find your way in photography?   Free Download Latest . It is of  Liveclasses – How to find your way in photography?  free download.

Liveclasses – How to find your way in photography?  Overview

This class is for photographers who are trying to increase their income and get the opportunity to work on more interesting projects: go on photo tours, collaborate with stars and famous brands, constantly have choice and increase in price. The teacher will analyze all stages of a photographer’s career and talk about methods of monetization: fast and not so fast, easy and practically impossible. You will save a lot of time by not wasting your time on poorly monetized genres, and you will also clearly spell out in advance all the nuances and consequences of your choice: do money and fame always go hand in hand? Is perseverance and work always rewarded, and quantity turns into quality? Who and what are you competing with now and what do you need to do to emerge victorious in this fight?

The class covers a wide range of issues that concern a photographer at any stage of development: at the very beginning, in moments of crisis, in transitional moments and every morning after a cup of coffee. How to earn fame and glory? Where can I get money? How to achieve significant influence? Anton Martynov will explain to you why the experience of the past will no longer help you, tells you why you need to run faster to stay in place and teaches you to change your view of photography towards ideas and concepts in order to easily compete with neural networks and not be afraid to lose to them in quality .


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