Pro light by Anastasia Maksimova (Premium)


Pro light by Anastasia Maksimova

Pro light by Anastasia Maksimova   Free Download Latest . It is of  Pro light by Anastasia Maksimova  free download.

Pro light by Anastasia Maksimova  Overview

– Working with mixed light. We combine pulse and constant light in one frame to work with long exposures and the freeze light technique to simulate daylight. – Shooting complex surfaces. We photograph glass bottles and chrome-plated objects in complex compositions. – Underwater photography. We shoot objects with water and under water in an aquarium, and learn to work with fast processes. – Sophisticated light shaping tools. We will talk about interesting light-shaping attachments, shadow backgrounds, and folic filters. Everything you need to create a unique, unconventional light pattern.

For whom?

– For product photographers who want to delve deeper into the topic of studying artificial light. – For all photographers who are looking for inspiration and want to see how modern photography is created in the studio from scratch to the finished frame. – For experienced photographers who shoot in other niches, but want to see how subject matter experts work with light. – For students of our school who completed the courses “Photography for Marketplaces” and “Pro Subject”, and missed broadcasts with Nastya.


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